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When you have children with another person and the two of you no longer live together, it’s important to establish a sound child support agreement that ensures your kids have the financial support they need now and in the future. The Conroy Law Firm, APLC has a reputation for excellence when it comes to assisting clients with child support and related issues. To consult a lawyer who truly cares about you and your loved ones, call on our firm.

Factors to consider when setting up a child support agreement

When it comes to children, family law courts in Louisiana aim to create situations in which both parents are actively supporting the children they have together — even if one parent retains sole or primary physical and legal custody. In most cases, the noncustodial parent will need to provide the custodial parent with regular child support payments, typically paid on a monthly basis until children reach the age of 18.

Courts set the parameters for calculating child support through the Child Support Guidelines, and one of the most important factors is each parent’s gross adjusted income. This number is one’s gross income, minus child support already paid and any spousal support obligations. Other common factors are the number of children involved, childcare expenses, healthcare and insurance costs, and miscellaneous expenses. Judges may also examine the custody arrangement and how much time each parent spends with the kids.

It is possible to challenge the amount of child support ordered to be paid, especially if you have obligations to support other dependents in the same household, you are dealing with extraordinary medical costs or community debt, or if you are on temporary or permanent disability. We can help you challenge the amount ordered based on these factors and more.

Modifying and enforcing child support orders

After a child support order has been established, you may ask a court to modify it as time goes on, including when there has been at least a 25 percent increase or decrease in the amount of support paid or received due to changing circumstances. This may be due to the loss of a job, disability and evolving family dynamics. A modification may also be necessary if medical issues result in the need for the recipient to seek a great amount of child support from the other parent.

If your former partner fails to provide adequate child support, you have legal options. That parent may be held in contempt of court for ignoring an order. You may also seek an earnings assignment order, which would effectively garnish the other parent’s wages so that you can get the money owed.

Speak with a decisive child support attorney

If you need reliable legal guidance on child support in Louisiana, turn to the skilled family law attorneys at the Conroy Law Firm, APLC. We proudly serve individuals and families in Covington, Mandeville, Metairie and the surrounding areas. To get started today, call 985-606-3885 or contact us online.