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Covington Lawyers Explain Louisiana Child Support

Metairie attorneys answer questions about family law

Child support can be a complicated issue. Parents often have questions regarding the procedures, amounts and durations involved. Questions and issues arise both during a divorce and afterwards as situations change. At Conroy Law Firm, APLC, we are focused on providing our clients with answers. Each family’s situation is different and our experienced attorneys will help you understand how the law applies in your case. We serve southeast Louisiana from our offices in Covington and Metairie.

We can answer all of your child support questions, including:

If you have questions or concerns about child support in Louisiana, turn to our firm for help.

Rely on our firm for answers when you have child support questions

Child support helps parents raise their children comfortably. At Conroy Law Firm, APLC, we represent parents in family law cases throughout Louisiana. We serve Jefferson, St. Tammany and Orleans Parishes from our offices in Covington and Metairie. To speak to an experienced child support attorney, call us today at 985-606-3885 or contact us online.

What is child support?

Child support is money paid by one parent to another parent to help with the costs of raising children and pay for their living expenses. A variety of costs and expenses may be allowed, depending on the financial situation of either parent. Our attorneys help clients understand their rights and responsibilities regarding Louisiana child support.

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Who can get child support in Louisiana?

Child support can be awarded to any parent who has physical custody of a child. This parent is known as the primary caretaker or the domiciliary parent. Parents who are married, unmarried or divorced can receive child support as long as they are the parent with primary custody. Other adults, such as grandparents, are often awarded child support when a child is legally in their custody.

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When is the appropriate time to seek child support?

You may be entitled to child support any time you are living apart from the other parent and need money to raise your child. This may be during a marriage, while you are separated or after a divorce. You can also receive child support when you and the other parent were never married.

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Can I get the child support order before I have been granted legal custody?

You do not need a child custody order to receive child support. A court issues a child support award after a hearing by determining where the child lives, who lives with the child, and each parent’s financial situation. Our attorneys may be able to help you get a favorable ruling even if you do not officially have custody.

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In which courts will I be allowed to file for child support?

You have many options when it comes to picking a court. You can file in the parish you and your child live in or where the child’s father lives. Additionally, you can file in the parish where the child was born, the parish where the child was conceived or even the parish where the father acknowledged that he was the father of the child. The attorneys at our firm can help you decide which court makes the most sense in your case. We represent clients in family court in Metairie, Covington and the entire southeast Louisiana area.

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How will a judge determine the amount of child support I will get or be forced to pay?

Each case is different. The amount of child support awarded is based on the ability of each parent to pay and the needs of any children involved. When you hire our firm, we will fight for a result that is fair to you and your children.

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Can the amount of child support be changed later?

There are many reasons for a modification of a support order. The amount can change any time there is a material change of circumstances concerning the parents or the children. Typical cases include changes in income or custody. The family lawyers at our firm advise clients on their rights when their life changes.

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Will a parent who doesn’t work be forced to keep paying child support?

State law requires a minimum amount of child support from non-custodial parents who are not disabled. That means that even if the other parent isn’t working, they are still responsible for contributing to the financial costs of raising their children.

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Can I still get child support from the other parent if they receive SSI or SSDI benefits?

When the non-custodial parent is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) because they cannot work, they will not be responsible for child support payments. In case where non-custodial parent is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you may still be able to seek contribution. Our attorneys can help you understand the differences between these two situations and your rights.

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What can I do if I have not been paid child support?

Our attorneys can help you if you have not received the child support you are entitled to. We work with the courts and Child Support Enforcement Services to get you and your children the money you are owed.

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