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Domestic Violence Attorney Covington LA – Family Law

As a domestic violence attorney, Covington, LA, representatives from Conroy Law Firm, PLC work to protect you and your rights. It can be difficult to resolve familial issues when violent acts disrupt your life. Whether you are a victim or you have been accused of perpetrating a violent act, a lawyer from our firm can help build a case that protects you and advocates for a favorable resolution.

As a victim, our lawyers consider your individual needs during these delicate proceedings:

  • Advocate for a court order for accused to vacate your shared premises
  • File and advocate for a restraining order
  • Revoke the accused’s rights to carry firearms
  • Negotiate for child custody if necessary
  • Advocate for compensation

As a defendant, we will work to protect your rights and best interests:

  • Work to dismiss restrictive court orders
  • Advocate for your parental rights
  • Develop a strong defense strategy

Contact a lawyer you can trust

For a domestic violence attorney, Covington, LA, victims of violent acts and those accused of committing them can get the legal support they need from Conroy Law Firm, PLC. Call us at 504-830-3450 to schedule an appointment or fill out a contact form online. Our firm has the knowledge of Louisiana law necessary to help you aggressively fight for your rights.