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In any divorce involving children, the top priority is making sure the kids are in a good position for the years ahead. For the legal guidance you need related to child custody, turn to the Conroy Law Firm, PLC in Covington. We work hard to ease your concerns and outline an effective, carefully planned strategy that benefits both you and your children. By meeting with our team, you’ll have the assistance you need to plan for the future and ensure you protect your kids’ best interests.

Knowing your rights and options related to child custody

The following are some important concepts to understand as you work toward a sound custody arrangement with your former partner:

  • Physical custody: This refers to the right of both parents to have their children live with them, either full time or part time. It is possible for parents to share physical custody rights, and this arrangement usually works best when they live relatively close to one another.
  • Legal custody: The right of parents to make key decisions on their children’s upbringing is referred to as legal custody. Again, both parents may share this right and may need to work together to make decisions related to their kids’ education, healthcare and religious activities.
  • Sole custody: When children live with one parent full time, or one parent has all of the legal decision-making powers related to the kids, it’s known as sole custody. Increasingly, family law courts are moving away from awarding sole legal or physical custody to parents, unless the children’s potential safety is an issue.
  • Joint custody: When two parents who do not reside together but both have the ability to make decisions related to their kids, it’s referred to as joint custody. This may involve both joint physical custody and joint legal custody.
  • Visitation: Even if one parent has physical or legal custody of children, the other may have the right to visit and spend time with their kids. This is known as visitation and should be part of any effective custody agreement.

In determining custody, family law courts take into account several factors — the most important of which is the best interests of the children involved. To that end, courts may look at any history of abuse or violence, the parents’ ability and willingness to cooperate, the bonds children and parents have formed, and the children’s physical, mental and emotional needs. In many cases, a top priority is to allow children to maintain a similar lifestyle that they enjoyed before their parents separated.

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For dependable legal advice on child custody and other related issues, meet with a knowledgeable family law attorney at Conroy Law Firm, PLC. To get started, call 985-606-3885 or contact us online today. We are proud to serve clients in Covington, Mandeville, Metairie and the surrounding communities of Louisiana.