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Louisiana Gray Divorce Attorney Helps Clients Secure Their Future

Experienced family lawyer in Covington and Metairie advocates for older clients

There are many reasons why older couples divorce. You might have been staying in an unsatisfying marriage for the sake of your children who are now grown. Or you might have incompatible ideas about how to spend your golden years. Whatever the reason you want to dissolve your marriage, Conroy Law Firm, APLC in Covington and Metairie is ready to help. Our experienced divorce lawyer understands the needs and concerns of adults your age. We make every effort to resolve those issues successfully so you can feel secure about the next stage of life.

What is considered a gray divorce?

Gray divorce is the colloquial term for dissolution of marriage among spouses who are approaching retirement age and those already retired. Older individuals might face complex challenges during the divorce process, because couples in this age bracket have generally accumulated substantial property and are in or approaching the days when they’re not working full-time. Thus, there’s more to divide and each party has a greater stake in their share. These economic realities can create emotional pressures that make the divorce extra contentious. On top of that, gray divorcees often get greater pushback from their adult children who may not support their decision. You might feel isolated and alone as you look to the next chapter in your life. For all these reasons, you should retain an attorney who has experience in gray divorce and can provide personalized guidance.

Property division in a gray divorce

Louisiana is a community property state, which means that marital property is split evenly between the two spouses. In marriages of long duration, it’s often harder to identify separate property and claim it hasn’t been commingled with marital property. Older adults also have more complex holdings, such as:

  • Retirement accounts — Investments such as 401(k) accounts and IRAs are considered marital property and subject to community property division upon divorce. Accounts can be divided using a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or one spouse can keep the account and have its value offset by an equal amount of property awarded to the other spouse.
  • Other investments — Real estate, precious metals, fine art, jewelry, and other items known to appreciate must be assessed so a valuation can be established.
  • Trusts — Assets that have been placed in trusts legally no longer belong to the couple, so allocation of these assets depend on the terms of the trust. Revocable trusts can be dissolved, but irrevocable trusts require the permission of the beneficiaries if the assets are to be distributed as part of the divorce.

You can rely on our knowledge and skill to help resolve thorny issues relating to the division of property.

Spousal support in gray divorce

Under Louisiana law, divorces following marriages of long duration are more likely to spur alimony awards, especially if one spouse has sacrificed career advancement for the sake of the family. A court could issue an order for permanent alimony depending on the particular situation. Louisiana law also allows a judge to deny alimony to a spouse whose infidelity or other marital misconduct has prompted the divorce.

Why you need a Louisiana gray divorce lawyer

Financial and emotional complexity characterize most gray divorces. Whether you’re fighting for antiques that have sentimental value or the custody of a beloved pet, you need the sure counsel of an experienced attorney. Over decades of family law practice, we have encountered just about every imaginable situation. We respond with patience and professionalism, working meticulously to address every detail of your case in a compassionate manner.

Contact a seasoned Louisiana divorce attorney in Covington and Metairie

Conroy Law Firm, APLC represents older adults in gray divorce proceedings throughout Jefferson, St. Tammany and Orleans Parishes. To set up a consultation, please call us at 985-606-3885 or contact us online. Our offices are in Covington and Metairie.