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Your Interdiction Lawyer in Covington and Metairie, LA

Are you in need of an experienced interdiction lawyer? Covington families choose The Conroy Law Firm for these unique legal matters. Interdiction proceedings are necessary when loved ones are unable to consistently make reasoned decisions concerning their welfare. An appropriate power of attorney is usually sufficient to handle this crisis, but when a power of attorney does not exist or if the family is experiencing serious divisions, family members should examine whether interdiction is appropriate. Interdictions are very serious matters as society often sees this process as humiliating to the family member interdicted.

The interdiction process is complex and requires great care in proceeding. After a judge, relying on the recommendation of a mental health professional may determine that a family member is not capable of managing his or her affairs and can order a limited or full interdiction, always with the goal of the least restrictive measures necessary to protect the proposed interdictee.

When seeking an interdiction lawyer, Covington and south shore families rely on The Conroy Law Firm. Our team includes Michael Conroy, who is a board certified family law specialist and Christine Marks, who is also a Board certified Estate Planning and Administration Specialist who have a tradition of serving clients throughout the greater New Orleans area, including Metairie and Kenner. We understand the need to be supportive and informative when dealing with sensitive issues related to family law. To learn more about our offerings or to get your questions about elder law answered, contact The Conroy Law Firm today!

Conroy Law Firm, PLC serves clients throughout St. Tammany, Jefferson and Orleans Parish. (Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Metairie and New Orleans.)