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Questions and Answers From Michael D. Conroy

Q – I need to know what rights I have because I have been taking care of my four year old granddaughter since she was two months.: I have had my grand ought since she was two months old. She is my sons daughter. During that time I have been the one taking her to get her shots, providing for her every single thing she had needed. Neither my son or the baby mother as once offered anything nor offered to get her. Both have gone for months at time without a single phone call to even check on her. She refers to me and my husband as her mom and dad. During this time her mother spent a total of seven months in jail for drug and alcohol abuse. Now she is out and has made it clear to me that she wants to interrupt her life and come and get her. Granted she has not spent a single day with her since she was two months old and have not a single idea of who this pretty little girl is. My son is willing to sign any paperwork.

Michael’s answer: You should consult an experienced family law attorney to advise you on whether to seek custody. The facts you present are compelling but only a specialist can advise you on a course of action.

Q: Divorce: I don’t have much money and I need to get a divorce

A: Michael’s answer: Try https://www.probono.net/la/. This site will direct you to free legal services available in the Baton Rouge area.

Q: I need a child custody lawyer: My daughter is not fit to take care of her child i have had the child for 3 1/2 years. she took her from daycare on 2/20/2015 and have not returned her since. she have not been taken her to daycare nd shes being left with her moms so called boy friend whom i dont trust .last year around this time my grandbaby face was burned real bad (i have pictures )all they are saying is its a carpet burn which is not true. her doctor saw this and documented it n his report. i also have plenty of witnesses. also last year around june the baby returnedback to me which she really couldnt walk on her right leg because she had some type of rash on her buttotz which lead into a bad infection which i cleared up myself because she lied about taking her to the doctor please help i fear for my grandbaby life.

A: Michael’s answer: There are a number of fine family law attorneys in the Baton Rouge area. Use the Find a Lawyer feature on this website or consult the LSBA site for board certified family law specialists. You need an experienced expert in the field.

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